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Crypto investing made easy

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Almost all finance-related media outlets and news channels were breaking news about Bitcoin regularly.

The cryptocurrency's price reached an all-time high of around $65,000 this year and its volatility since has also proved news worthy.

Cryptocurrencies are now far better known among the general public than they were a few years back because of their tremendous increase in valuation over time.

With the ever-growing rise of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, there are still a lot of people who have no idea how to invest in crypto and its rules.

At this stage, this read can help you significantly. Below we will show you how it operates and share some tips with you that will make crypto investing easy and more accessible.

A translucent physical representation of bitcoin in front of a bollinger band chart
Crypto investing made easy

Rules to Invest in Cryptocurrency correctly

1) Pick The Correct Strategy

The first and foremost step to becoming a successful crypto investor is to consider your strategy. We've been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2016, and through our years of experience have learned what trends the market follows at any time.

Currently we focus on Decentralised Finance and the infrastructure that supports it. This is due to the ever expanding nature of DeFi and our theory that we are seeing the future of international financial markets being built on blockchain technology in real time.

2) Upload Documents And KYC

You will have to go through some paperwork when investing in cryptocurrency. Whether its through a fund like ours or like any conventional bank account.

You need to submit identity proof and other documents like address proof, national identity card, PAN card, etc. This is to ensure that your account is authentic and also guards you against any scam or fraud.

Apart from your personal information, you have to submit your payment options. This payment option will come in handy during the trading activities and when you want to withdraw or deposit funds in the account.

3) Diversify your Holdings

Diversification is a great idea when investing. It is best described as a technique which helps to reduce the overall risk of your portfolio.

By diversifying your holdings across different sectors and types of cryptocurrencies, you essentially 'hedge your bets' - that is if regulators decided to target privacy coins due to money laundering concerns and all you held was Monero, you'd be at the mercy of the market.

Whereas if Monero was only 5% of your portoflio, the volatility you felt would be minimized. (FYI, we don't invest in privacy coins as they hold too much potential reulatory risk).

4) Don't over-expose yourself to Cryptocurrencies

Remember that investing with us is pretty easy to do, but the market is highly volatile. So, we recommend using a safe path and not exposing 100% of all you have in there.

Many analysts recommend 10% of your total assets is a safe proportion to invest in cryptocurrencies, but even then, you should treat this money as money you can afford to lose.

Does that mean we believe you'll lose all the money you invest? No. But you should view any investment as mid-to-long term (5 years or more) to get the best potential out of your money.

5) Remember that volatility is the cost of performance

Cryptocurrencies are famous for two things - immense performance in the mid to long term; and short term volatility.

The fact is, volatility and performance are inextricably linked - you can't have market leading performance without the ups and downs of buyers and sellers reaching price agreements on the underlying asset along the way.

Cryptocurrencies are high risk investments, but they also hold the potential to earn life changing returns if done correctly.

Final Thoughts

Crypto investing is easy and straightforward but be cautious as the market is too volatile and can change anytime and sometimes only in hours.

Despite its volatility, it is appealing for many investors, and the reason for that is high returns.

Investing in cryptocurrency on your own can be a tedious process as several months of research and everchaning regulatory pressures are involved, but it is not difficult when you are using the services of fund managers like us.

For beginners, it is the most convenient and most straightforward way to begin their crypto investment journey.

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